Overseas Warehouse Ghana Limited (OWL) is an agrochemical distribution and warehousing company based in Accra and with a strong presence among farmers in all farming regions in Ghana. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of African Tiger Holding Limited (ATHL), just as its sister company IWAD Ghana Ltd. which specializes in the production of hybrid and OPV soya and maize seeds over a 400 ha irrigated facility located in Yagaba in the Mamprugu Moagduri District in the North East Region of Ghana.

OWL is a unique company in the agricultural landscape in Ghana that focuses on novel active ingredients mainly in the cereal (rice, maize, soya, etc.) and cocoa industries in Ghana. OWL inherits its experience in the Ghanaian agricultural space from its Wienco Agriculture origins.

Its top of the range and innovative crop protection solutions are highly regarded by farmers, both commercial and small holders.

In its current portfolio, OWL has products on insects and pests, glyphosates and fertilizer for maize, rice and other cereals, as well as products for the control of black pod in cocoa. OWL in collaboration with its research and development partners have developed and registered top of the range products for cereals production in Ghana.

Currently, OWL distributes the products below;

1. Ovasate 360SL (Glyphosate)
2. Touchdown 360SL (Glyphosate)
3. Ridomil Gold Plus 66WP (Fungicide)
4.Pergado Ultra 22.5WG (Fungicide)